Shri Sai Satcharitra -- Chapter 31 Summary

Whatever the form before the (mental) eye in the moment of death, it is that same form in which the next birth comes. But he who has surrendered humbly at the feet of God, has no rebirth.

And it is for this reason that devotees were encouraged to cultivate the habit of ceaselessly Chanting the name.

Some devotees were washing Baba's feet; taking the Holy water from Baba's toe - in a spoon, some were drinking it while others applied it to their eyes.

When remembered lovingly, He comes to our rescue in the time of trouble.

"From tomorrow, begin a real study of Bhagavat. Complete three "saptahas' of that book, earnestly with your thought, action and speech.

"God will then be pleased and will put an end to all your sorrows; Maya, temptations will be calmed down and you will enjoy true happiness.

"Listen to my words with an alert mind. Do not be riddled with doubts."

📕Chapter - 31 Shri Sai Satcharita

Shri Sai Satcharitra -- Chapter 30 Summary

Upliftment of their devotees has always been the inevitable mission of the saints and you are the Acharya of all the saints.

What do we, of little strength and no purifying influences, know of devotion? Yet, even if all others abandon us, Sai will never forsake us.

O Sainath, come speedily to my rescue!

It was Sai, the ocean of kindness, who bestowed favour on me, by virtue of which alone, I have been able to present this most auspicious book to the readers.

When the Wheel of Fortune brings adversity, the mind also begins to spin like the whirlpool; the body runs helter-skelter, allowing not a moment's peace.

Without the saints really desiring it, who can go for their darshan? It is wonderful how, without their authority, not a leaf on the tree will move!

Dreams, in order to come true, must come at a particular time - those at daybreak or.forty-eight minutes before the breaking of dawn are fruitful - others are in vain.

Such is the general belief. But as for the dreams associated with Shirdi, whenever or wherever they come, they always come true. Such is the unfailing experience of the devotees.

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Shri Sai Satcharitra -- Chapter 29 Summary

"Allah Malik will give you aplenty. Allah will bless you."

Your faith should remain steadfast.

By facing the hardships squarely, with a ceaseless chant of Sai's name, all the calamities will disappear. Such is the tremendous power of Naam.

There are thousands and crores of impulses in the mind. Abandon the evil ones and pursue the good. And then see Sai's skill - how he stands behind his devotees in full support.

Now, who had the authority to question,  "Why do you do this?"

For Sai knows surely, what is proper and what is not. He alone is the Power that gives us and takes back.

📕Chapter - 29 Shri Sai Satcharita

Shri Sai Satcharitra -- Chapter 28 Summary

Sai is not confined to one place.

"My man, even if he be in another country or thousands of miles away, I shall bring him to me, tying a rope to his legs ( like the young one of a sparrow ). "

The devotion to Sai grew so much, that if he met anyone going to Shirdi, he always sent with him a garland, dakshina, camphor or incense-sticks, etc.

"Except for these Holy feet, I now know no other God in this world. May my heart be always engrossed in your worship only.

"Of all the parts of the body, head is the chief. Sprinkle a little water on it and it will be equal to a full bath.

"Calling it a "Vision", are you trying to evaluate my words? My words have a profound significance. Not even a letter in them is meaningless.!"

"No door is necessary for my entry. I have neither shape or size. I am always everywhere. "

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Shri Sai Satcharitra -- Chapter 27 Summary

Innumerable are the holy places of Pilgrimage, spread out in different parts of the country. But to the devotees of Sai, Shirdi alone is the holiest of all.

O listeners, read this "Satcharit" with concentration, for this sacred Life of Sai is the best means of attaining the Guru's grace.

Whether it is the Ramayana or the Bhagavat, or, for that matter, any book on spiritual subjects, while reading the life of Rama or Krishna or others, one sees Sai, in front and behind.

And one feels that the great personalities of these books are none other than Sai himself, in different garbs, and the narrator and his listeners always see the image of Sai before them.

There is no other means easier than the Naam, to purify the heart.

"To take the Naam, a bath is not necessary; Naam has no percepts, no rules, laid down by the shastras. By taking the Naam all sins are destroyed. Naam is sacred, always.

📕Chapter - 27 Shri Sai Satcharita.

Shri Sai Satcharitra -- Chapter 26 Summary

What it reflects in a mirror is not really present there, just as in our sleep all our desires come true, but are destroyed the moment we wake up.

Your constant company is, to us, the Shastras and the Vedas. Listening to your Story every day, is like a perusal of the Sacred lore.

"Whatever the situation, " he said, "never leave the place of your own Guru. Always be steadfast in devotion and recognize the Oneness of all Gurus.

By smearing his Udi, the evil spirits take to their heels; by his benediction, troubles are averted; by his gracious glance, all harm is prevented. Hence people came running to him.

Saints may say something quite casually; yet the words will always come true and Pitale in his heart, knew this.

"Whatever suffering fate has ordained for us, has to be borne.

"Moreover, unless this pain and suffering is undergone fully, another birth has to be taken to complete it. Therefore, bear this suffering a little more. Do not be provoked into destroying your own life."

📕Chapter - 26 Shri Sai Satcharita

Shri Sai Satcharitra -- Chapter 25 Summary

Sai is the very image of highest Mercy and the one thing needed here is steadfast devotion to him.

Once the devotee begins to cherish a single-minded devotion to Sai, he (Sai) will ward off all his calamities and suffering; he will also grant him all that he desires.

Devotees make plans, but they do not know their own benefit. Guru alone knows the devotees' interest, future, past and present.

The child asks for sweets, but the mother gives him a potion of medicinal herbs. It may cry, struggle violently in resistance. But such is the mother's verdict, and all out of a loving concern for its well-being.

Baba knew full well the future condition of his devotees.

Sai's words proved unmistakably accurate, and as per his words, children were born.

Even when I am no more, trust my words as the truth. My bones will give you an assurance from my grave.

"Not me alone, but even my tomb will speak to you. He who surrenders to it whole-heartedly, with him will it sway.

"Do not worry that I will be lost to you. You will hear my bones speaking to you of matters of your own interest.

"Only remember me, always, with a heart that is trusting. Worship me selflessly and you will achieve your highest weal. "

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Shri Sai Satcharitra -- Chapter 24 Summary

Singing praises of Sai Maharaj is the means of achieving both material and spiritual welfare.

With his intuitive powers, Sai Samarth knows full well, the thoughts and feelings of his devotees. He will fulfil his responsibility towards them and redeem his promise.

Without giving, at least a little of it, to others, I never put anything in my mouth.

When the mind, intellect and sense-organs are drawn to the enjoyment of sense-objects, think of me, first, and offer them to me, bit by bit.

When a desire is roused, let it be only about me. When you are angry, direct that anger towards me. Ego, obstinacy should all be directed similarly, at my feet by the devotees.

Once the mind comes to believe firmly, that the guru is always close by, it will never be plagued in this way.

The thought that Baba is near us, will, at the outset, give rise to the consideration of the worthiness or otherwise, of the enjoyment of that object.

If anyone were to find fault with,  or criticize the devotee who was serving him, Baba would never tolerate it.

Why should one try to judge the merits and faults of those who serve him?

📕Chapter - 24 Shri Sai Satcharita

Shri Sai Satcharitra -- Chapter 23 Summary

We may regard him as an 'avatar', because he has all those characteristics. As for himself, he has always said, 'I am a slave in Allah's service."

He never claimed "I am God"; but "I am his poor slave, a Yade Hakka." He constantly chanted "Allah Malik."

"Do not lose courage and have no worry, whatsoever, in your mind. All will be well; give up worrying.  The Fakir is compassionate and will protect you.

Never did he undertake fasts; nor did he practise the arduous Hath yoga practice's. He had no hankering after food to pamper his palate, but always took food in moderation.

And as the faith of the listeners strengthens, Sai's rich treasures will open up to them, even more.

Listening to Sai's story is like drinking sweet nectar!

When the guest remains without food, it portends the loss of animals, sons, wealth, stocks of food-grains etc. Thus a guest remaining on an empty stomach is an invitation to trouble.

He is the slave of the Guru's command and has no independent judgement of his own. Always eager to obey the Guru's word, he will not consider the good or bad of it.

Disobeying the command was, to him, the greatest sin and obeying it, at once and in every possible way, was the greatest merit.

Those who disregard the Guru's word are, most certainly, destined to lose all the merit accumulated over the past births.

Absolute obedience of the Guru's command is the most precious among all ornaments.

Guru's command should be obeyed without a moment's delay.

Hence God will fulfil his wish, whose mind is for ever fixed at the Guru's feet.

📕Chapter - 23 Shri Sai Satcharita.

Shri Sai Satcharitra -- Chapter 22 Summary

"Know that this big toe of mine is itself Prayag so bathe here only."
"Give up your ego and bow your head before all the living beings, meditating on my big toe. This is an easy way of devotion.
Penniless and wealthy, he treated them all alike and by showing his inconceivable leela, he ensured the welfare of his devotees.
Beyond the power of the mind, intellect and speech was the behaviour of Sai Samarth.
"This is our own, our very own, Dwarakamayee. When you sit on her lap, she gives you full protection, as to a child. And there then remains no cause for worry, at all!
Whatever is in their destiny, so will it happen, most certainly.
Masjidmayee is her name, will she ever go back on her promises?
When danger stalked close to the devotees, Baba would say it stood at his own side.
Baba's words must be respected by keeping implicit trust in him.
Chapter - 22 Shri Sai Satcharita

Shri Sai Satcharitra -- Chapter 21 Summary

Unless Fortune smiles, one does not meet sadhus and saints. And even when such a one is close at hand, to the great sinner he is not visible.

By his good fortune, he was blessed with Sai Baba's company.

What is needed is a devotion of love.

"Oh! How insincere people are! They will bow at the feet, even offer dakshina, and yet curse you all the time in their heart! How strange indeed!"

The volley of accusations that Baba fired at me, the moment I entered, was really only a warning given to me that I should give no place in my mind to reviling, abusive talk about others.

It was not a volley of censurous remarks, but his grace to teach me that futile debates and discussions, scornful, critical revealing and such wicked thoughts about anyone, should be given up altogether.

Even the most secret matter lies barred before him.

Whatever we do and wherever we may be, nothing escapes Sai's knowledge.

Sai Samarth knew beforehand what calamities were to befall his devotees and he would avert them in the midst of jesting and joking and playful laughter.

📕Chapter - 21 Shri Sai Satcharita.

Shri Sai Satcharitra -- Chapter 20 Summary

A mere darshan of the saints washes away all the sins.

For every word that Baba spoke was a mine of deep significance.

What Baba uttered were not merely words, but were the "Brahmalikhit", not a word of which was in vain and would come true at the proper time.

As is the faith, so is the fruit; as is the faith, so is its power.

Sai's words will never be futile and it was his Promise that he would fulfil the wishes of his devotees.

"Stay where you are and just ask me! Why do you needlessly roam the woods and the wilds searching for answers? I will satisfy your desire (for knowledge). Have this much faith in me.

"My presence fills everyone; there is no place where I am not. And, for the devotion of my devotees, I appear to them anyhow, anywhere. "

Without leaving Shirdi all his life, he yet appeared to his devotees anywhere and everywhere.

📕Chapter - 20 Shri Sai Satcharita.