Sri Ekkirala Bharadwaja

Most Divine Soul 

Guru jii  Sri.Ekkirala Bhardwaja...

Ekkirala Bharadwaja was born at Bapatla and was a post-graduate in English literature.  

He left the Indian Administrative Service after having a profound spiritual experience at the Samadhi Mandir of Sai Baba of Shirdi, thereafter becoming a lecturer of English literature because that gave him opportunity to spread his master's teachings.

Bharadwaja researched the lives and teachings of several saints, travelling extensively and personally contacting many of them.   

He insisted on the necessity of a Sadguru to direct devotees in their spiritual path.... The culmination of all this is a series of books on Sai Baba and many other saints.  

He believed Sai Baba to be the matchless saint, a blend of all religions and the answer to all the questions of the present day and spirituality.

Sri.Gurujii Acharya Bharadwaja attained mukthi on 12 April 1989.

My humble Pranaams in his lotus feet....🙏🙏
Jai Sai Nath....🙏🙏

Baba's Photograph in Purandare's Home!!

*Baba's Photograph in Purandare's Home:*

*Baba himself gave this Photograph to Purandhare who venerated it and prayed to it daily. Often at times when he was in trouble he would sit in front of this photograph and cry his heart out and Baba would appear immediately and comfort him.*

*(Source: Baba’s Rinanubandh by Vinny Chitluri)*

Shirdi Sai Darbar!!

In this rare old photograph we can see how baba's darbarused to look in the early twentieth century...  

Devotees some-times used to offer 
sacred books to Baba to gain his blessings before embarking on a reading....  

Here we see baba (seated) looking at a collection of abhangs (a type of lyrical poem) by Sant Tukaram - Tukaram Katha....  

The picture of Baba (without the backdrop) ofthe mosque was published in the first edition of Sri Sai Sacharitra in 1930.....

Jai Sai Nath.....🙏🙏