Old Photographs of the Parthasarathi Temple

Photograph of the Parthasarathi Temple, at Madras (Chennai), Tamil Nadu, taken by Frederick Fiebig in c.1851. The photograph is one of a series of hand-coloured salt prints by Fiebig. The temple is one of two large temple complexes in Madras and is situated in Triplicane. It dates from the 17th century and is a celebrated sanctuary dedicated to the worship of Vishnu as Parthasarathi, the principal Hindu deity. The temple has two enclosures, which are entered through gopuras on the east and west sides. A gopura is a gateway surmounted by an elaborately carved tower and is found in south Indian temple architecture. This is a view of the west gopura. Little seems to be known about Frederick Fiebig. He was probably born in Germany and became a lithographer (and possibly was also a piano teacher)

This is a general view looking across the temple tank towards the east entrance, which takes the form of a gopura, a gateway surmounted by an elaborately carved tower. This is a characteristic structure of south Indian temple architecture.

Original Photographs of Sai Baba

Faith of Mr.Shevade

Mr. Sapatnekar of Akkalkot (Sholapur District) was studying for law. A co-student Mr.Shevade met him. Other fellow students also gathered together and compared notes of their study. It was found by the questions and answers amongst themselves, that Mr.Shevade was the least prepared of all for the examination, and therefore all the students derided him. But he said that though he was not prepared, he was sure to pass the examination, as his Sai Baba was there to get him through it successfully. Mr.Sapatnekar was surprised at this remark. He took Mr.Shevade aside and asked him who this Sai Baba was whom he extolled so high. He replied - "There lives in a Masjid in Shirdi (Ahmednagar District) a fakir. He is a great Sat-purusha. There may be other saints, but this is unique. Unless there is a great store of merits on one's account, one can't see Him. I fully believe in Him, and what He says will be never untrue. He has assured me that I will pass definitely next year and I am confident that I will get through the final examination also with His grace." Mr.Sapatnekar laughed at his friend's confidence and jeered at him and Baba.

Why is the mother given the highest respect in our society?

Someone asked Swami Vivekananda 'why is the mother  given the highest respect in our society?'.

Swami Vivekananda replied,".I'll give u the answer tomorrow.". 

He then took a piece of stone and wrapped it in a piece of cloth without letting the man see what was in it.  He told the man ,"in the meantime , take this piece and tie it around your  waist for one day. Don't see it and come back to me tomorrow.". 

The man went away and continued his daily chores but the stone was weighing heavily on him. Finally he could bear it no more.  After a few hours he went back to Swami Vivekananda and told him to  remove the weight from around his stomach as he couldn't bear the discomfort. 

Swamiji  took off the load from around his waist, opened the cloth and showed him the stone and said, "this is your answer. You could not carry this small load even for a few hours but a mother carries a baby in her womb for nine months  happily and without  complaint. Now you understand why she is given the  the topmost place of honour  love and respect?

Conversation between a journalist and a varkari Devotee

One journalist asked a varkari devotee of vitthal who goes to pandharpur , what's your age, 

Varkari: 80 years  

Journalist: since how long you are visiting this pandharpur                                

Varkari: since 70 years.  

Journalist: have you seen vithoba once, At Least once. 

Varkari: no beta, not yet. 

Journalist: then why do you come every  year, do you believe He is there?   

Varkari: can I ask you a question, from where you have come 

Reporter: from Pune.              

Varkari: do people keep pet dogs in Pune, have you seen any?                                         

Reporter: ya, each house has a dog  

Varkari: in village also we keep dogs, that follows us to our farm to protect from thieves. At the dead of night one dog sees the thief it starts barking, by hearing this dog another starts barking, like ways all around surrounding 100s of dogs started barking but among the hundred dogs 99 have not seen the thief but keeping the faith in this 1st dog they start barking.

Likewise Thukaram ji, Sant Jnaneshwar, Namdev,they have seen the vithoba so I have faith in them.one day I can also have darshan of vitthal. If animals can keep their faith in another animal, being a human  being why can't we have faith in another human  being?

What is Prayer?

✨🙏🏼I liked this interpretation of prayer 👇

✨💫Prayer doesn't just happen when we kneel or put hands together and focus and expect things from God

🙏 Thinking positive and wishing good for others - is a prayer

🙏 When you hug a friend - That's  a prayer

🙏 When you cook something to nourish family and friends-  That's a prayer

🙏 When we send off our near and dear ones and say 'Drive Safely' or 'Be Safe'- That's a prayer

🙏 When you are helping someone in need by giving your time and energy - You are praying

🙏 When you forgive some one by your heart ...that is prayer.

🙏 Prayer is a Vibration- A feeling - A thought.

🙏 Prayer is the voice of love, friendship, genuine relationships.

🙏 Prayer is an expression of your silent being.

Purpose of Sai Baba's stories

Light houses are constructed at various places in the sea, to enable the boatmen to avoid rocks and dangers, and make them sail safely. Sai Baba’s stories serve a similar purpose in the ocean of worldly existence. They surpass nectar in sweetness, and make our worldly path smooth and easy to traverse. Blessed are the stories of the saints. When they enter our hearts through the ears, the body - consciousness or egoism and the sense of duality vanish; and when they are stored in the heart, doubts fly out to all sides, pride of the body will fall, and wisdom will be stored in abundance.

How To Offer Food/Naivedyam to God !!!

It is helpful if one has an altar already set up somewhere in your home, apartment or dorm. On this altar should be either a sacred image or a picture of God in any of His sacred forms. In addition, you can include images of your guru, saints, or other gods or goddess on your altar - Durga, Ganesha, Sarasvati, etc. Images of God, however, should be the central focal-point of any altar used for meditation.  If you don’t have an altar, then placing a simple image of God somewhere special will do.

When the food is ready, take a sampling of each preparation, along with a glass or cup of water, and place them all on a special plate that is used only for offering food to God.  This plate must never be used for any other purpose than offering food in Prasada Meditation. Place the plate of food before the sacred image. 

Offer a little incense to God.  Then, in a meditative and devotional state of mind, sit with eyes closed in meditation and recite several sacred mantras. And request the Lord to accept your offering. After you have offered the food in this way, the food that you have cooked is now sanctified and considered to be prasada, food transformed into the grace of God. By partaking in such food, we show our devotion to God, and thus make spiritual advancement. The food on the the plate should be re-merged into the food in the pots. Having thanked the Lord for accepting your offering, the prasada can now be eaten. The food should also be eaten with meditative awareness.  While eating the prasada, please always be conscious and aware that you are partaking in the special grace of God. Eat with reverence, and enjoy!

Attaining Success Using The Tool Of Visualization

🚩🙏🏻🚩Attaining Success Using The Tool Of Visualization 🚩🙏🏻🚩

A study shows that the majority of sportsmen and women, who win at prominent international events, are trained to use the tool of visualization to achieve success. Many months before the actual event, they visualize i.e. they create pictures of success inside their minds that they have already achieved their goal. The same principle of visualization is also used to cure patients from major illnesses including cancer. Patients are taught to visualize their diseased organs free from illnesses or visualize the organs receiving healing energy in some form or the other. 

Visualization helps people to have 100% belief in themselves that they will achieve the desired goal. The efforts made with this powerful energy of belief have a greater probability of success than when you make the efforts without believing in what you are doing and without visualizing yourself as achieving your objectives. 

If you think about your failures from the past, you stop believing in yourself, lose your enthusiasm and get frustrated. Visualizing images of a positive future helps you work from the present towards the future, without allowing the past failures to have any negative influence on you. 

You visualize yourself as a person, who has already overcome his fears and negative habits, and the fears are removed and the negative habits are transformed. You see yourself already transformed e.g. you say - I am a soul full of all powers and not - I am going to or am trying to fill myself with all powers. The power of that vision and the positive affirmations, combined together, is such that it helps you to bring about a major change in yourself, not just a small change, because you make it easy for your sub-conscious mind that is sleeping to wake up and realize its potential. You stop always expecting the worst and hope for, visualize and believe in the best.  🚩🙏🏻🚩

Mohini Ekadashi

*Mohini Ekadashi* (mohini- one avatar of lord vishnu among dasa avatar  when distribution of amrut .mohini lord vishnu save to have amrit from asura )

Mohini Ekadashi is very significant among the Ekadashi's. Observed in the month of Vaisakha / April-May, this day falls during the Shukla Paksha or the waxing phase of the moon. Sage Vashistha explained the greatness of the day to Lord Rama and Lord Krishna to King Yudhisthira.  

On this day, Lord Rama / Lord Vishnu is worshiped with great devotion and reverence. It is said that People who observe a fast on this day enjoy a happy and content life forever. It is believed that, Lord Rama himself observed fast on this day. 

*Mohini Ekadashi Vrat Katha*

A wealthy merchant, Dhanapala was a loyal devotee of Lord Vishnu and involved in charitable and spiritual activities. His son Dhrastabuddhi was entirely different from his father. His bad associations led to him getting thrown out of the house. As a pauper, he indulged in the robbery and was caught.  Because of his father’s impeccable reputation, he was asked to leave the kingdom. He roamed around in the jungles, years together, feeding on the animals. He reached Sage Kaundinya’s Ashram.  Rishi Kaundinya guided him to observe Mohini Ekadashi Vrat to annul his guilt and sins. 

Fasting on Mohini Ekadashi day is more pious than having Holy dip in the holy rivers or performing sacrifices.

⁠Great Sufi poet Rumi's answer to questions asked by a disciple

⁠Great Sufi poet Rumi's answer to questions asked by a disciple - 

What is Poison?

He replied with a beautiful answer - Anything which is more than our necessity is Poison. It may be Power, Wealth, Hunger, Ego, Greed, Laziness, Love, Ambition, Hate or anything

What is fear.....?

Non acceptance of uncertainty.
If we accept that uncertainty, it becomes adventure...!

What is envy ?

Non acceptance of good in others
If we accept that good, it becomes inspiration...!

What is Anger?

Non acceptance of things which are beyond our control.
If we accept, it becomes tolerance...!

What is hatred?

Non acceptance of person as he is. 
If we accept person unconditionally, it becomes love...!

Original Photographs of Sai Baba

Shri Narasimha Kavacha Stotram

shri narasimha kavacha stotram
अथ श्री नृसिंहकवचस्तोत्रम्

नृसिंहकवचं वक्ष्ये प्रह्लादेनोदितं पुरा
सर्वरक्षकरं पुण्यं सर्वोपद्रवनाशनम् १

I shall now recite the Narasimha-kavacha, formerly spoken by Prahlada Maharaja . It is most pious, vanquishes all kinds of impediments, and provides one all protection .

सम्पत्करं चैव स्वर्गमोक्षप्रदायकम्
ध्यात्वा नृसिंहं देवेशं हेमसिंहासनस्थितम् २

It bestows upon one all opulences and can give one elevation to the heavenly planets or liberation . One should meditate on Lord Narasimha, Lord of the universe, seated upon a golden throne .

त्रिनयनं शरदिन्दुसमप्रभम्
लक्ष्म्यालिङ्गितवामाङ्गम् विभूतिभिरुपाश्रितम् ३

His mouth is wide open, He has three eyes, and He is as radiant as the autumn moon . He is embraced by Lakshmi Devi on his left side, and His form is the shelter of all opulences, both material and spiritual .

चतुर्भुजं कोमलाङ्गं स्वर्णकुण्डलशोभितम्
सरोजशोबितोरस्कं रत्नकेयूरमुद्रितम् ४

The Lord has four arms, and His limbs are very soft . He is decorated with golden earrings . His chest is resplendent like the lotus flower, and His arms are decorated with jewel-studded
ornaments .

काञ्चनसन्काशं पीतनिर्मलवाससम्
इन्द्रादिसुरमौलिष्ठः स्फुरन्माणिक्यदीप्तिभिः ५

He is dressed in a spotless yellow garment, which exactly resembles molten gold . He is the original cause of existence, beyond the mundane sphere, for the great demigods headed by Indra . He appears bedecked with rubies which are blazingly effulgent .

विरजितपदद्वन्द्वम् सन्खचक्रदिहेतिभिः
गरुत्मत्म च विनयत् स्तुयमनम् मुदन्वितम् ६

His two feet are very attractive, and He is armed with various weapons such as the conch, disc, etc . GaruDa joyfully offers prayers with great reverence .

कमलसंवासं कृत्वा तु कवचं पठेत् ७

Having seated Lord Narasimhadeva upon the lotus of one’s heart, one should recite the following mantra:

मे शिरः पातु लोकरक्षार्थसम्भवः .. ८..

May Lord Narasimha, who protects all the planetary systems, protect my head .

ऽपि स्तम्भवासः फलं मे रक्षतु ध्वनिम्
नृसिंहो मे दृशौ पातु सोमसूर्याग्निलोचनः ९

Although the Lord is all-pervading, He hid Himself within a pillar . May He protect my speech and the results of my activities . May Lord Narasimha, whose eyes are the sun, and fire, protect my eyes .

पातु नृहरिः मुनिवार्यस्तुतिप्रियः
नासं मे सिंहनाशस्तु मुखं लक्ष्मीमुखप्रियः १०

May Lord Sri Hari, who is pleased by the prayers offered by the best of sages, protect my memory . May He who has the nose of a lion protect my nose, and may He whose face is very dear to the goddess of fortune protect my mouth .

विद्याधिपः पातु नृसिंहो रसनं मम
वक्त्रं पात्विन्दुवदनं सदा प्रह्लादवन्दितः ११

May Lord Narasimha, who is the knower of all sciences, protect my sense of taste . May He whose face is beautiful as the full moon and who is offered prayers by Prahlada Maharaja protect my face .

पातु मे कण्ठं स्कन्धौ भूभृदनन्तकृत्
दिव्यास्त्रशोभितभुजः नृसिंहः पातु मे भुजौ १२

May Lord Narasimha protect my throat . He is the sustainer of the earth and the performer of unlimitedly wonderful activities . May He protect my shoulders . His arms are resplendent with transcendental weapons . May He protect my shoulders .

देववरदो नृसिंहः पातु सर्वतः
हृदयं योगिसाध्यश्च निवासं पातु मे हरिः १३

May the Lord, who bestows benedictions upon the demigods, protect my hands, and may He protect me from all sides . May He who is achieved by the perfect yogiis protect my heart, and may Lord Hari protect my dwelling place .

पातु हिरण्याक्ष-वक्षःकुक्षिविदारणः .
नाभिं मे पातु नृहरिः स्वनाभिब्रह्मसंस्तुतः .. १४..

May He who ripped apart the chest and abdomen of the great demon HiraNyaksha protect my waist, and may Lord Narahari protect my navel . He is offered prayers by Lord Brahma, who has sprung from his own navel .

कोटयः कट्यां यस्यासौ पातु मे कटिम्
गुह्यं मे पातु गुह्यानां मन्त्राणां गुह्यरूपदृक् १५

May He on whose hips rest all the universes protect my hips . May the Lord protect my private parts . He is the knower of all mantras and all mysteries, but He Himself is not visible .

मनोभवः पातु जानुनी नररूपदृक्
जङ्घे पातु धराभर-हर्ता योऽसौ नृकेशरी १६

May He who is the original Cupid protect my thighs . May He who exhibits a human-like form protect my knees . May the remover of the burden of the earth, who appears in a form which is half-man and half-lion, protect my calves .

राज्यप्रदः पातु पादौ मे नृहरीश्वरः
सहस्रशीर्षापुरुषः पातु मे सर्वशस्तनुम् १७

May the bestower of heavenly opulence protect my feet . He is the Supreme Controller in the form of a man and lion combined . May the thousand-headed Supreme enjoyer protect my body from all sides and in all respects .

पूर्वतः पातु महावीराग्रजोऽग्नितः
महाविष्णुर्दक्षिणे तु महाज्वलस्तु नैरृतः १८

May that most ferocious personality protect me from the east . May He who is superior to the greatest heroes protect me from the southeast, which is presided over by Agni . May the Supreme Visnu protect me from the south, and may that person of blazing luster protect me from the southwest .

पातु सर्वेशो दिशि मे सर्वतोमुखः
नृसिंहः पातु वायव्यां सौम्यां भूषणविग्रहः १९

May the Lord of everything protect me from the west . His faces are everywhere, so please may He protect me from this direction . May Lord Narasimha protect me from the northwest, which is predominated by  Vayu, and may He whose form is in itself the supreme ornament protect me from the north, where Soma resides .

पातु भद्रो मे सर्वमङ्गलदायकः
संसारभयतः पातु मृत्योर् मृत्युर् नृकेशरी २०

May the all-auspicious Lord, who Himself bestows all-auspiciousness, protect from the northeast, the direction of the sun-god, and may He who is death personified protect me from fear of death and rotation in this material world .

नृसिंहकवचं प्रह्लादमुखमण्डितम्
भक्तिमान् यः पठेनित्यं सर्वपापैः प्रमुच्यते २१

This Narasimha-kavacha has been ornamented by issuing from the mouth of Prahlada Maharaja . A devotee who reads this becomes freed from all sins .

धनवान् लोके दीर्घायुरुपजायते
कामयते यं यं कामं तं तं प्राप्नोत्यसंशयम् २२

Whatever one desires in this world he can attain without doubt . One can have wealth, many sons, and a long life .

जयमाप्नोति सर्वत्र विजयी भवेत्
भूम्यन्तरीक्षदिव्यानां ग्रहाणां विनिवारणम् २३

He becomes victorious who desires victory, and indeed becomes a conqueror . He wards off the influence of all planets, earthly, heavenly, and everything in between .

वृश्चिकोरगसम्भूत-विषापहरणं परम्
ब्रह्मराक्षसयक्षाणां दूरोत्सारणकारणम् २४

This is the supreme remedy for the poisonous effects of serpents and scorpions, and Brahma-raakshasa ghosts and Yakshas are driven
away .

तलपात्रे वा कवचं लिखितं शुभम्
करमूले धृतं येन सिध्येयुः कर्मसिद्धयः २५

One may write this most auspicious prayer on his arm, or inscribe it on a palm-leaf and attach it to his wrist, and all his activities will
become perfect .

मनुष्येषु स्वं स्वमेव जयं लभेत्
एकसन्ध्यं त्रिसन्ध्यं वा यः पठेन्नियतो नरः २६

One who regularly chants this prayer, whether once or thrice (daily), he becomes victorious whether among demigods, demons, or human beings .

मङ्गलमङ्गल्यं भुक्तिं मुक्तिं च विन्दति
द्वात्रिंशतिसहस्राणि पठेत् शुद्धात्मनां नृणाम् २७

One who with purified heart recites this prayer 32,000 times attains the most auspicious of all auspicious things, and material enjoyment and liberation are already understood to be available to such a person .

कवचस्यास्य मन्त्रस्य मन्त्रसिद्धिः प्रजायते
अनेन मन्त्रराजेन कृत्वा भस्माभिर्मन्त्रानाम् २८

This Kavacha-mantra is the king of all mantras . One attains by it what would be attained by anointing oneself with ashes and chanting all other mantras .

विन्यसेद्यस्तु तस्य ग्रहभयं हरेत्
त्रिवारं जपमानस्तु दत्तं वार्याभिमन्त्र्य च २९

Having marked ones body with tilaka, taking achamana with water, and reciting this mantra three times, one will find that the fear of all inauspicious planets is removed .

यो नरो मन्त्रं नृसिंहध्यानमाचरेत्
तस्य रोगः प्रणश्यन्ति ये च स्युः कुक्षिसम्भवाः ३०

That person who recites this mantra, meditating upon Lord Narasimha deva, has all of his diseases vanquished, including those of
the abdomen .

गर्जन्तं गार्जयन्तं निजभुजपतलं स्फोटयन्तं हतन्तं
रूप्यन्तं तापयन्तं दिवि भुवि दितिजं क्षेपयन्तं क्षिपन्तम्

क्रन्दन्तं रोषयन्तं दिशि दिशि सततं संहरन्तं भरन्तं
वीक्षन्तं पूर्णयन्तं करनिकरशतैर्दिव्यसिंहं नमामि ३१

Lord Narasinha roars loudly and causes others to roar . With His multitudes of arms He tears the demons asunder and kills them in this way . He is always seeking out and tormenting the demonic descendants of Diti, both on this earth planet and in the higher planets, and He throws them down and scatters them . He cries with great anger as He destroys the demons in all directions, yet with His unlimited hands He sustains, protects, and nourishes the cosmic manifestation . I offer my respectful obeisances to the Lord, who has assumed the form of a transcendental lion .

इति श्रीब्रह्माण्डपुराणे प्रह्लादोक्तं
श्रीनृसिंहकवचं सम्पूर्णम्

Thus ends the Narasimha-kavacha as it is described by Prahlada Maharaja in the Brahmanda Purana .

Never go away from home, family, culture and relationships

Mother is flying a kite. Her son is watching her carefully. After some time son says "Mom, the kite is not able to go any further higher because of the string. "Hearing this, the mother smiles and breaks the string. The kite goes higher and then shortly after that, it comes and falls on the ground. The child is very dejected and sad.

The mother sits next to him and calmly explains: "Son, in life we reach a certain level and then we feel that there are certain things that are not letting us grow any further like Home, Family, Culture, etc. We feel we want to be free from those strings which we believe are stopping us from going higher. But, remember son, that our home, family and culture are the things that will help us stay stable at those heights. If we try to break away from those strings, our condition will be similar to the kite. We'll fall down soon".

Moral: "Never go away from home, family, culture and relationships as they help keep us stable while we are flying high."

Life is Beautiful 😊

Stay connected👍

Narasimha Jhira Cave Temple

Temple: Narasimha Jhira Cave Temple

Town: Bidar

The Narasimha Jhira Cave Temple, dedicated to the powerful Lord Narasimha, is also
known by the names of Narasimha Zarna Cave temple and Jharani Narasimha Temple. 

Every year people flock to this temple in droves to get their wishes fulfilled. This sacred temple is located in a cave in Bidar.

Narasimha Jhira Cave Temple


The Narasimha Jhira Cave Temple is known for its beautiful architecture and is considered to be very sacred. The temple in situated in a cave where the water runs up to 300 metres. 

This temple is situated under the Manichoola hill range and it opens at eight in the morning. Situated in Bidar in North Karnataka, this temple lies a kilometre away from Bidar city. You have to wade through waist deep water to reach the feet of the deity.

Narasimha Jhira Cave Temple – Mythology 

The temple of Narasimha Jhira has a myth which mentions that the mighty Lord Narasimha first killed Hiranyakashipu and then proceeded to slay the demon Jalasura who was a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva.

After being killed by Lord Narasimha, the demon Jalasura turned into water and started flowing down the feet of the Lord Narasimha. For this reason, people have to wade all the
way through the water to reach the Lord. 

Recent arrangements were made to provide electricity and ventilation in this cave. You’ll need to take a quick bath in the water fountain located outside the Narasimha Jhira Cave temple. 

Shri Sainath Stavan Manjari

Shri Sainath Stavan Manjari

A Humble tribute of praise to Shri Sainath

- Originally written By Das Ganu Maharaj

Translated by Zarine madam and edited by Indra Kher.

I bow down to Shri Ganesh
Oh, Mayureswara , you are the one on whom we depend,
Oh, Son of GAURI, the all-knowing,
Oh, You inconceivable one,
You with an immeasurable belly,
Protect me, oh, Shri Ganapathi

You are the first and foremost of all Ganas
and of all the deities;
Therefore, you are called “Ganesh”
You are acknowledged by all the “shastras” ( sacred books )
You of sacred countenance, oh, Balachandra

Oh, Sharada, Goddess of Speech!
You are the mistress of the realm of words;
Because of your existence,
All worldly transactions are carried on.

You are the deity revered by all authors;
You are eternally the pride of this nation;
Your infinite power prevails everywhere.
I bow to you, Jagadambe

You are the Supreme Spirit and beloved of the saints!
Incarnation in human form of Pandhariraya
You are the ocean of kindness and infinite compassion;
Oh Panduranga Narahari!

You, who control the world like a puppeteer with his strings,
You are omnipresent;
All the sciences and sacred books are still delving
To plumb the essence of your nature.
Those who are pedagogues,
To them, you are not revealed, oh Chakrapani,
All those foolish people
Only indulge in the jugglery of words.

Only the saints understand you
Others remain baffled.
To you, my obeisance,
Respectful and with my whole body
prostrate in veneration before you.

Oh, You, five - headed Shankara
Oh, You, wearer of garland of skulls,
Oh, You, blue - throated Digmbara
Oh, You, Brahmarupa pashupati !

One who receits your name all the time,
His worldly adversities are immediately dissolved
Such is, oh Dhurjati
The power of your name.

With obeisance at your feet,
I am writing this paean of praise;
Help me always to complete this mission,
Oh, you, Nilakantha - the blue - throated one!

Now, let me bow to the son of Atri ( Dattatreya )
To the family deity of Indira ( Vishnu )
To Tukaram and all other saints;
So, also, to all the devotees.

Hail, Hail to you, Sainath,
Redeemer of sinners and merciful one!
I lay my head down at your feet;
Now give me your protection.

You are the whole world, the abode of bliss;
You, yourself, are Vishnu, the paragaon among men;
One whose wife is Uma!
You are also that enemy of Cupid.

You are God in human form!
You are the sun in the sky of knowledge!
You are the ocean of kindness!
You are the anti-dote for worldly maladies!

You are the CHINTAMANI of the poor and the down-trodden!
You are the divine purifer (Ganges river) for your devotees!
You are the raft for those drowning in worldliness!
You are the refuge of the timid.

You are the very cause of this creation!
That which is pure Chaitanya !
You are that Oh, very treasure of compassion;
The universe is only one of your leelas.

You are not born!
Death also does not affect you!
This is the final conclusion
Which one arrives at, after thoughtful search.

Birth and death,
These concepts are born of ignorance !
From both you are free
Oh, Lord, of course!

If water appears as a spring,
Does it imply that its source is there ?
It existed already, full and flush,
Merely sprang up from within the earth.

Water that springs up in a hollow
Is, therefore, so described or named;
A "spring" becomes its proper name.
Without the water, it is only a hollow.

To spring up and to dry up and disappear,
This is not the nature of water;
Because the water of the spring
Has no importance for the hollow it fills.

It is only the hollow that is mistakenly proud
Of itself, rather than the water that filled it.
Therefore, when the water dries up
The hollow becomes impoverished.

The human body is really like the hollow water bed;
The spirit (pure energy) is like the pure clean water of the spring;
Although there are innumerable such hollows
The essence is the same in everyone.

Until now, who are without a beginning,
I say to you, merciful one,
To destroy the mountain of ignorance
Please become the thunderbolt of Indra!

Until now, such hollow (beings)
Have existed in large numbers, on this earth.
Many more exist even now,
And, in the future, as time goes by, many more will come.

Each such hollow (being)
Is given a separate and different name and appearnce;
That is how, in this world,
They are identified.

Therefore, to distinguish that spirit
In terms of “you and me” is not proper;
Because, as there is no duality
That itself is most surely, the Spirit

And, since the Spirit
Truly encompasses the whole world,
Then, the "you and me" the duality concept,
How can it possibly be entertained?

Water latent in the clouds
Is all the same;
But when it descends upon the earth,
It assumes different forms.

That which falls in the Godavari bed
Is known as the (sacred) River Godavari;
That which falls into a well
Does not have the same worthiness or prestige.

Saints are the river Godavari,
And, you are the water in it
We are the puddles, wells and lakes;
That is the difference between us.

For the fulfilments of our lives
We must surrender to you,
Always, with folded hands,
Because you are the embodiment of piety.

It is due to its water - bed
That the waters of Godavari have become holy;
Considered merely as water,
It’s the same everywhere.

The bed of Godavari
That is considered as truly sacred,
Owes all its sanctity
To the quality of the land through which it flows
The water latent in the clouds
Does not alter that part of the earth on which it falls;
Yet, that very part of the earth,
Is called Godavari (or pure) by the scholars
of the sacred books.
Where the water has fallen elsewhere,
It has acquired the qualities of the soil on those places;
Contaminated, bitter, salty it becomes
Though originally sweet.

Same is the case with you, oh, Gururaya,
In whom there is no impurity of the six vices,
To that holy form
This title, “Saint” is befitting.

Therefore saints are Godavari
So full of grace;
Amongst all the beings
Your place is the highest!

From the beginning of creation
Godavari has been in existence;
It has been full of water
And it has never lacked it till today.

Look, the enemy of RAVAN
Came to the banks of the Godavari
But it’s water has flowd
And the water at present is not the same as old water.

The bed alone remains the same,
The water have flowed into the ocean,
The sancity is eternal
Of the river - bed, to this day.

Each year,
The old waters go and the new
Flow into the river bed;
It’s the law, as you know.

A century is like a year.
The sages of that century
Are like the flowing waters
While the great souls are like the waves on the water.

Of these saints who are like Godavari,
In the early centuries,
There was a great flood
of sanat - sanak - sananda

Followed by narada and tumber
Dhurva, Prahlad, powerful king Bali,
Shabari, Angad, Vayukumar,
Vidur, Gope - Gopika

Thus, many came the present time
In each of the centuries of the past;
The floods came repeatedly,
Which I am unable to recount.
In this present century,
The sacred Godavari
Has for certain flooded this land
In your form, Oh, Sainath!
Therefore at your divine feet
I make obeisance;
Maharaj, of my faults
Take no notice, I plead.

I am a poor, wretched, ignorant man,
The greatest of sinners;
Ridden with vices,
But do not cast me off!

The inherent defects of iron
Are ignored by "parisa"
The small streams of the village, Lendi and ohol
Are not rejected by the Godavari.

I am full of vices within.
By your merciful glance,
Do, do quickly destroy them.
This, only, is the plea of "Das"

If after coming in contact with the “parisa”!
The iron’s inherent defects
Do not change, Guruvara,
Then, it is to the discredit of the “parisa”!

Don’t let me be a sinner
Don’t belittle yourself,
Look, you are ‘parisa’, I am the iron;
My discharge is your concern too.
A child always commits mistakes,
But a mother does not scold;
Remembering this,
Grant me your grace.
Oh, Sadguru Sainath,
You are my "Kalpataru" !
You are the means for crossing this worldly ocean,
you alone are so - undoubtedly.
You are "Kamdhenu"!
You are "Chintamani"!
You are the sun in the sky of knowledga,
You are great mine of virtues!
Oh, you are the ladder to heaven!

Oh, pious, purest one,
Oh, embodiment of peace and bliss,
Oh, the Supreme Self,
Oh, the non-dual one, the ocean of knowledge;
Oh, incarnation of the Supreme wisdom, the best among men,
Oh, abode of forgiveness and peace,
Oh, refuge of devotees,
Bless me, bless me!
You are the Sadguru Machinder
You are the Mahatama Jalander,
You are Nivratinath, Dnyaneshwar,
Kabir, Sheikh Mohammed , Eknath, you are
You are Bodhla you are Savatamali,
You are truly Ramdas,
You are Tukaram, Sainath,
You are Sakha You are Manikprabu.

Your present manifestation,
And your manifold nature
are really difficult to understand!
The knowledge about your caste and creed
You do not reveal to anybody.

Some say you are a Muslim,
Some say you are Brahmin,
Thus like Krushana,
You too, are inscrutable!
Having observed Shree Krishna
Different people called him by various names.
Some call him ‘Yadu Buhsan’
Some call him a cowherd.
YASHODA called him a darling,
KANSA called him a great evil,
UDDHAV called him beloved,
ARJUN called him Omniscient.

Thus, oh GURUVARA, To you
According to each person’s conclusion
Based on his mental attitude,
Names are give, by them.

The masjid being your dwelling,
And your ears not being pierced,
Nothing your offering the ‘FATEHA’
To call you a Muslim is logical!

Similarly, considering the worship of fire,
As done by you, Lord of Mercy,
My own conclusion is
That you are a Hindu!

But these superficial differences
Would interest only pedagogues;
But for those devotees desirous of knowledge
They are of no consequences.

You are BRAHMA Itself!
Caste and creed have no relevance to you;
You are the Guru Supreme!
You are the creator of this world!

There was Hindu - Muslim rivalry;
Therfore to bring about unity and amity,
The masjid and the fire worship were embraced by you,
To show your “leela” to the devotees.

You are beyond caste and greed,
You are Brahman, the essance of Truth;
You are That, verily,
You are beyond human conception!

Giving free rein to surmises and conjectures,
Arguments have flourished about you.
There, my insignificant
Words, how will they prevail?

But when I behold you,
I cannot remain silent;
Because, for encomium, words
Are normally the only means.

Therefore, by means of words,
Whtaever description is possible,
That I will always proffer,
With your grace.

Saints, I reckon
Higher than gods;
For distinctions such as mine and thine
Find not a place in their proximity.

Were killed because of their hatred of god;
Such a deed ha never been done by saints.

GOPICHAND, IN the heap of garbage,
But that sage
Had no rancour for that act.

On the contrary, the king was delivered
from the material world
And was immortalised;
Such is the prowess of the saints,
It is indescribable!

Saints are the Sun,
Their grace is illuminating;
Saints are as pleasing as the moon,
Their benignness is as gentle as moonlight.

Saints, are the soothing musk,
Their blessing are like it’s fragrance,
Saints are the juicy sugarcane,
Their blessings are like its sweetness.

Saints, towards the good and the bad,
Are the same, definitely.
On the contrary, their love for the sinners
Is immeasurable.

In the waters of the Godavari,
Only the soiled clothes come to be cleaned;
The clean ones;in a trunk,
Remain far from the Godavari banks.

Even that which remained in the trunk,
came once,
To be cleaned throughly
On the Godavari banks.

The "DARSHAN" of your feet
Is like a bath in the Godavari;
Wash away my sins.
Oh, Samarth, and purify me!

We worldly people
Gather layers of impurities again and again;
Therefore, we are the right people
For the “DARSHAN” of saints.

In the abundant waters of the Godavari
Comes the wash, to be cleansed at the GHATS;
If, it is really left unattended,
Then, it is a discredit to the Godavari!

You are the cool, shady tree, with abundent foliage;
We are the travellers, really,
Suffering from the scorching sun-rays
Of the three-fold calamities of Life.

From the blazing heat, oh compassionate one,
Protect us, Oh GURURAYA.
The benign grace of your cool shade
Is extraordinary!

Sitting under a tree,
If one feels the heat of the sun,
Then, who will call that tree
The shade-giving tree?

Look, without your grace
Nothing can be right in the world;
To uphold the right.

Due to the kindness of SUGRIV, BIBHISHANA
Came in contact with King RAM,
It is due to the saints,
That Shri Hari is thus glorified.

BRAHMAN, being formless,
VEDAS cannot describe it.
Be endowing it with forms,
The saints have reduced the importance of the formless!

was made a “mahar” by DAMAJI;

Knowing the prowess of saints,
Jagjivan laboured by carrying water.
Saints have truly lorded,
Over God Himself, who is Eternal Truth
- Knowledge - Bliss.

There is no need to speak more.
You are our mother and our father,
Oh, Sadguru Sainath,
Dweller of Shirdi village.

Baba, Your "LEELAS"
No one can comprehend;
Then, my plebain speech
How can it do justice, tell me?

To save the sinners,
You came to Shirdi;
Pouring water into earthen lamps,
You made them burn.

The wooden plank of absurdly small measures
You turned into your bed, truly;
Thereby displaying to the devotees
Your amazing yogic powers!

The barrenness of many women
You have completely dispelled;
The disease of many
You have cured with the "Udi"!

TO ward off worldly difficulties
Is not impossible for you.
The weight of an ant,
Does the elephant consider as a burden?

So be it, GURURAYA,
Have mercy on the humble one.
I surrender at your feet,
Do not turn me away.

You are the king of kings,
You are richer than KUBER himself,
You are the Healer par excellence,
No one is superior to you!

For the worship of other deities.
The ritual is as prescribed.
But, for your worship,
There is nothing worthy of you!

Look, in the realm of the sun,
The festival of DEEPAVALI has come;
But to celebrate it,
what should be the means?

To quench the ocean’s
Thirst, adequate water cannot be found on earth;
To warm the fire
From where will the heat be found?

All articles needed for the worship
Are filled with your essence;
From the beginning, they are part of you,

All my talk is a philosophical statement,
For I have not experienced its truth.
I have spoken without experience,
A meaningless maze of words.

If ritualistic worship
Of You, is to be performed by me,
To do that, I Have no wherewithals,

Mostly with the help of my imagination only
Will I worship you.
That worship itself, oh, compassionate one,
Do accept from this slave.

Now with my tears
I bathe your feet;
The sandlewood of true devotion
I make into paste and apply.

The long tunic ("KAFNI") of these ornamental words.
I place on you, sincerely;
This garland of adoration,
I place round your neck.

The incense of vileness
I burn before You, truly;
Though it is of impure composition
Even then, there will be no foul-odour from it.

Elsewhere, than before the Sadguru,
If incense is burnt,
What happens to that incense
Is like this

When the incense is put on the fire,
The moment it actually touches it
The fragrance from the incense
Leaves it instantly.

Before you, it’s contrary;
The impurities burn away in the fire,
The good remains for ever
For the world to see.

Once the vileness of the mind is burnt away,
The mind will become purer;
Once the Ganga’s impurity is gone,
Then it is holy, naturally

The light of temptations
I kindle, most truly,
From which, may the lusture of asceticism
Be granted to me, oh GURUVARA!

The throne of pure faith
I offer you as a seat;
On receiving it
Accept the offering ("naivedya") of devotion.

You partake the offerings of devotion,
Give me the essence;
Because I am your child
I have a claim on your milk.

My mind is my monetary offering ("DAKSHINA")
That I offer to you;
Therefore, the credit or discredit of any action
Will no longer be mine.

Now most humbly and devotedly
I do abeisance to you;
Please accept it,
Oh divine Sainath!

Possessing peaceful mind, and wisdom supreme,
Sainath, the compassionate,
You are ocean of kindness, truth incarnate,
And destroyer of the darkness of ignorance!
The sage, beyond caste and greed you are,
Beyond comprehension, compassion incarnate;
Protect me, protect me,
Oh, Sainath of Shirdi!
You are the sun of Divine knowledge
The bestower of choicest blessings;
Oh, fabled HAMSA of the minds of the devotees,
Protector you are of those who surrender to you.

You are BRAHMADEV, creator of the world;
You, the sustainer of the world, VISHNU;
The destroyer of the three worlds,
You are that very RUDRA!

There is no place on this earth,
where you are not.
Omniscient, oh you Sainath,
You dwell in all our hearts.

Forgive us all our sins
I implore you!
And those weaves of doubts and delusions,
Repel instantly.

You are cow, I the calf
You are moon, I the stone melted by its light;
At your feet, which are like the Ganges,
Respectfully the slave (DAS) bows down!

Place on my head
Your hand and bless me, oh Lord!
Wars off my sorrow and worry
For this GANU is your servant.

With this eight-fold prayer
I prostrate myself before;
My sins (demerits), suffering and poverty
Ward off immediately.

You are the cow and I the calf;
You are the mother and I the child;
Do not harbour
Any harsh feelings towards me.

You are the sandlewood from Malagiri;
I’m a thorny shrub.
You are the life giving waters of Godavari,
I, the greatest sinners.

If after having your “DARSHAN”
The impurities of my wicked mind remains
Unchanged, GURURAYA,
Who will then call you sandlewood?

The proximity of must (“KAASTURI”)
makes even the dust more valuable;
The fragrance of flowers is transmitted
To the thread which ties the garlands.

This is the way of the great.
Whosoever they come in touch with,
To him they impart
A part of their greatness.

Sacred ashes, join cloth and the bull,
SHIVA made symbolic parts of himself;
Therefore, these objects
Are praised in all quarters.

For the amusement of the cowherds,
At Vrindavan, on the banks of the Yamuna,
The lord of the World played “DAHI-KALA”
That too has earned recognition from wise men.

Similarly, I am a sinner,
But, I am under your protection;
Will you not redeem me, Oh, GURURAYA,
From my sinful state?

Worldly or spiritual,
In whatever objects I seek satisfaction,
I have no doubt, O GURURAYA,
That you will grant me these.

With your grace,
Control my mind;
If the oceans are sweetened
There is no fear of their being salty.

To make the oceans sweet
Truly you have the powers.
Therefore, this supplication of Dasganu,
Please concede.

Whatever my shortcomings,
They are all your!
You are the foremost among the spiritual masters,
So do not stint while giving.

Now, why should I speak more?
You are my only refuge.
The child held in the mother’s arms,
Is naturally without fear.

So be it. This hymn of praise,
Whosoever read with love,
Their desires
Fulfil, O Lord.

Your blessing for this hymn
I entrest.
May the difficulties of he who recites this sincerely,
Be warded off within a Year.

After performing all ablutions,
Should this hymn, be recited regularly,
With a pure and sincere feeling
In your heart.

If this be not possible
Then on every “Ekadasi”
This hymn should be read
To realize the beneficial effect.

One who recites this, with faith
Will ultimately progress spiritually by the Grace of GURU,
Who will satiate the material desires readily,
And thereby deliver him from their bondage.

With repeated recitations of this hymn,
Dull wits will be sharpened.
And, if perchance, someone’s life is short,
Then, by recitation; he will live upto a hundred years!

Where wealth is wanting,
KUBER, the Lord of wealth himself will come to stay,
Oh reading this hymn.
This is the Truth, and so it shall be.

To the childless, children will be born
On reciting this hymn.
And the ailment of one who recites this hymn
Will be dispelled in all directions.

Fear and worry will disappear,
Prestige will increase.
He will realise the imperishable BRAHMAN
With the regular recitation of this hymn.

Regarding this hymn, Oh wise ones,
Have faith in your hearts
Above the efficacy of this hymn;
And give no place
To doubts and misconceptions.

Go on pilgrimage to Shirdi,
Concentrate on the lotus feet of Baba,
Who is the succour of the poor and the meek,
The wish-fulfilling tree for the devotees!

It was because of the inspiration received from Him
That this hymn has been composed.
How else could an insignificant ignorant one, like me,
Have written it?

In Shake 1840
In the bright half of th BHADRAPAD month,
Monday, in the second ‘PRAHAR’,

This humble tribute of praise to Shri Sainath,
Was completed at Maheshwaram
By the sacred bank of the Narmada
Near Shri Ahilya Devi’s SAMADHI.

At Maheshwara, the famous TIRTHA,
The hymn was completed.
Shri Sai nath made me utter every word
By becoming part of my mind.

The disciple Damodar
Became the scribe truly,
I Das, Ganu, Am only an obedient servent
Of all the saints and sages.

Peace be with you! May this humble tribute
of praise to Shri Sainath
Help you cross the worldly ocean.
This is the prayer, with faith and respect
Of Das Ganu, to Shri Panduranga.

Let this be offered to Shri Hari-Hara!
Bless us, O Lord!
PUNDALIK VARDA (fulfiller of wishes) HARI-VITHAL!
I recall sitakanta! Hail Hail Rama
Parvati-pate Har-Har Mahadev!
Hail to Shri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj!
Shri Sadguru Sainath, I offer this to you
Bless us, O Lord!

Sainath Stavan Manjari ends
Shirdi Sai baba blessings to you all and your family .