Shri Sai Satcharitra -- Chapter 23 Summary

We may regard him as an 'avatar', because he has all those characteristics. As for himself, he has always said, 'I am a slave in Allah's service."

He never claimed "I am God"; but "I am his poor slave, a Yade Hakka." He constantly chanted "Allah Malik."

"Do not lose courage and have no worry, whatsoever, in your mind. All will be well; give up worrying.  The Fakir is compassionate and will protect you.

Never did he undertake fasts; nor did he practise the arduous Hath yoga practice's. He had no hankering after food to pamper his palate, but always took food in moderation.

And as the faith of the listeners strengthens, Sai's rich treasures will open up to them, even more.

Listening to Sai's story is like drinking sweet nectar!

When the guest remains without food, it portends the loss of animals, sons, wealth, stocks of food-grains etc. Thus a guest remaining on an empty stomach is an invitation to trouble.

He is the slave of the Guru's command and has no independent judgement of his own. Always eager to obey the Guru's word, he will not consider the good or bad of it.

Disobeying the command was, to him, the greatest sin and obeying it, at once and in every possible way, was the greatest merit.

Those who disregard the Guru's word are, most certainly, destined to lose all the merit accumulated over the past births.

Absolute obedience of the Guru's command is the most precious among all ornaments.

Guru's command should be obeyed without a moment's delay.

Hence God will fulfil his wish, whose mind is for ever fixed at the Guru's feet.

📕Chapter - 23 Shri Sai Satcharita.

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