A Marvel of Tulasi

One Muslim gentleman came to Sri Thakura Sahib Laclana (Jaipur). He had a sort of necklace of Tulasi around his neck. Thakura Sahib enquired of the gentleman, "How you being a Muslim are wearing a necklace of Tulasi" ? He responded that he himself has seen a marvellous event in this respect. Since that day I always wear the garland of Tulasi. What miracle I had seen, I relate to you. "Once I was going to some other village on foot. On the way there was a forest. In that forest I saw two huge persons under a tree. I got afraid. Seeing me afraid they consoled me not to get afraid as they are not going to harm you any way. They told me that they are emissaries of Yamaraja. In a short while one man will come with a bullock-cart. The string which goes round the neck of a bullock to fasten the yoke will get broken. We being the regent of the Death in the form of bullock, will kill him. Then we will take that man to Yamaloka by killing him. Hearing this I too waited. After some while a cartman came there with a bullock cart. That Joti ( a string fastening the yoke) broken down there. The cartman got down to repair it. That very time a bullock thrust into his stomach his horn with force so that he immediately fell into a cluster of shrubs and breathed his last. Then both of the emissaries of Yamaraja being disappointed told me that, "We are going empty handed we could not take him away". Emissaries of God who were unseen to you have taken him away. I enquired of these emissaries of Yamaraja that what was the cause for your disappointment.
They replied that there were plants of Tulasi in the cluster of shrubs. The body of the cartman happened to touch the plant of Tulasi. Therefore we could not take away him to Yamaloka. This way I personally saw this marvel of Tulasi. Since then I wear this garland of Tulasi.
(Source: From Kalyana)