Shri Sai Satcharitra -- Chapter 30 Summary

Upliftment of their devotees has always been the inevitable mission of the saints and you are the Acharya of all the saints.

What do we, of little strength and no purifying influences, know of devotion? Yet, even if all others abandon us, Sai will never forsake us.

O Sainath, come speedily to my rescue!

It was Sai, the ocean of kindness, who bestowed favour on me, by virtue of which alone, I have been able to present this most auspicious book to the readers.

When the Wheel of Fortune brings adversity, the mind also begins to spin like the whirlpool; the body runs helter-skelter, allowing not a moment's peace.

Without the saints really desiring it, who can go for their darshan? It is wonderful how, without their authority, not a leaf on the tree will move!

Dreams, in order to come true, must come at a particular time - those at daybreak or.forty-eight minutes before the breaking of dawn are fruitful - others are in vain.

Such is the general belief. But as for the dreams associated with Shirdi, whenever or wherever they come, they always come true. Such is the unfailing experience of the devotees.

📕Chapter - 30 Shri Sai Satcharita

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