Shirdi Saibaba's Prescription to cure Shyama's Piles Disease

Shyama alias Madhav Rao Deshpande of Shirdi once suffered from the disease of Piles severely. 

Baba suggested Him to take the juice of Sonamukhi,a herbal remedy. Shyama followed Baba's prescription n the disease abated and disappeared quickly. After some days, He once again suffered with the same complaint. This time without consulting Baba He administered the same drug. But the result was bad and just by Baba's blessings it became normal without taking any medicine. Ref.chap.13 of Sai satcharita.

On this day of today in 1918(16-9-1918) kaka saheb Dixit recorded about this in His diary. One more event of today in Baba's history is, on the same day in 1936 Bapu Rao alias Mahadev, Jr. Son of Nana saheb Chandorkar, narrated His experiences of Baba to B.V.N.Swamy.  In chapter 33 of Sai satcharita a brief mention about Him is there.


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Anonymous said...

Baba I am suffering from piles.It is so painful.please help me.You only can cure I am totally surrender myself on your lotus feet.🙏🙏🙏

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