Baba’s out stretched hand supports an old lady.

 *Baba’s out stretched hand supports an old lady.*

Padmavati Vaid a resident of Pune states, “My entire life revolves around Sainath, and I can’t live a moment without him. A short while ago I had gone to Mumbai to visit my son, and a day later I fell ill. My son got me treated by his physician and two days later I was quite alright. During those two days I missed going to Baba’s temple. As soon as I recovered I visited a temple near by and was very happy there.

The next day while I was walking in the passage to enter the hall I slipped and was about to fall, when I saw a hand reached out and hold me by my shoulder. The hand was clad in a white kafni, and it supported me till I sat on the floor. I looked back to see who had assisted me while I fell but no one was there. I would have stretched out my own hand as I fell, but feared I would fracture it as I am 80 years old. A friend of mine who is as old as me fell and both the bones of her wrist were broken and I know how she suffered. And because Baba supported me during my fall I didn’t experience the same pain and agony.

Upon my return home I went to have a check up by my doctor. He said I was alright despite the fall. Then he said, “It’s a miracle that you didn’t have a compound fracture of your wrist, for if you did you would surely have had surgery”

I thanked Baba for his kindness, and thought when Baba is there with me what can destiny do. For when I was destined to fall Baba turned destiny around and saved me. Every day I pray and ask him to take me home when I pass away and never leave me”.

Ref Sai Prasad Magazine Deepavali issue 1996.

*Source : Baba’s Divine Symphony compiled by Vinny Chitluri.

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