Silence -- The best way of Praising Sadhguru.!!

In reality, the observance of the vow of silence is the best way of praising the Sadhguru.

It is Sai Baba Himself who inspires these stories and gets them written, as He desires.

Our duty is to surrender completely to Him and meditate on Him.

Practising penance is better than pilgrimage.

We have, therefore, to chant Sai's name think over His sayings in our mind, meditate on His Form, feel true love for Him in our heart, and do all our actions for His sake.

He remembered his Guru's saying that, "That is our abode and place of rest, where the mind is most pleased and settled."

"That our mind is fickle by nature, it should not be allowed to get wild. The senses may get restless, the body, however, should be held in check, and not allowed to be impatient. Senses run after objects of desire but we should not follow them and crave for them.

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