Bhau Rajaram Ambika’s Transfer

II  Sai Ram ll 

Leela 4

Bhau Rajaram Ambika’s Transfer

Bhau Rajaram Ambika resided in Vaduz (Satara District) and worked in the Primary Health Center, in the Department of Primary Health and Immunization. One day, he received an order stating that he was being transferred to Nasik District.Bhau was quite unhappy about it, because in those days, transportation was limited. He would have to ride on a horse and the distance to be traversed was long. The officers in charge were British and a request for a stay or change was futile as they would not pay any heed to it. Now Bhau was in turmoil and didn’t know what to do. Around that time he heard about Baba’s divinity and benevolence, so he decided to visit Shirdi.Bhau thought he would tell all his problems to Baba,give him two paise as dakshina, and return after Baba had solved his problem.

Upon reaching Shirdi, he entered the Dwarka Mai and saw Baba seated in a corner. There was an earthen pot (kolomba) in front of him, in which someone had kept a few bhakris (unleavened bread made from Sorghum or Millet). Baba and two mongrel dogs were contentedly having their meal from it. Bhau was aghast to see this and he thought, “People pronounce him to be a great saint and here he is eating food with those slobbering dogs. Now that I have come here, I should prostrate and leave.” 

Baba turned and looked at Bhau and said, “Give me my two paise immediately.” As Bhau was giving Baba the two paise he was thinking, “After all it seems Baba is really a great saint as he is omnipresent and knows that I had decided to give him two paise prior to leaving Vaduz.” Almost as if Bhau’s thoughts were spoken aloud Baba replied, “Whether I am a great saint, or I eat the scraps with slobbering dogs, how does it concern you? You came for darshan (pilgrimage to see a divine saint or a deity) and you had your darshan (auspicious viewing).Here, have a piece of bhakri and leave.” As Baba said this, he took a piece of bhakri from his kolomba and threw it at Bhau.Bhau asked Baba, “Baba when should I come again to have your darshan?” Baba replied, “Why would you want to come again? Whatever darshan you want, have it right now.” 

Bhau had no choice, so he left. On his way back, he kept wondering why Baba didn’t ask him to return. Upon joining his duty he found an order cancelling his transfer to Nasik, along with an order to return to Vaduz immediately.

Now he understood why Baba had asked, “Why would you want to return again?”, as Baba had already granted his wish.Unfortunately Bhau does not state in which year he went to Shirdi. 

Baba is omniscient, and knows what Bhau has come for. He is omnipresent and is even present in slobbering mongrels. Baba by his omnipotence, had cancelled Bhau’s transfer orders. 

“He is the fear, cause of fear, and the destroyer of fear.” Hence he is called “Bhutakrut Bhayanasana”. He knows all the “happenings” as he himself is the reason for it, and is the happening that is the action and the result.

Ref.: Prasad, Volume 33, No. 9, August 1979, narrated by Shashikant P. Ambika.

Source : Baba's Divine Manifestations by Vinny Chitluri

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