Shri Sai Satcharitra -- Chapter 49 Summary

Practising penance is better than pilgrimage, observing vows, sacrifice and charity. Worshipping the Lord is better than penance but meditation on one's own Guru, is the best of all.

Only Sai is the object of meditation for his devotees; only Sai is their deity for worship; only Sai is their hidden treasure, which should be protected but not in a miserly way.

"How foolish am I! And how wise is Maharaj!  How wrong were my thoughts about him! How pure is his heart! '

Sai embraced some, and touched some with his hand. He assured some and cast a merciful glance on some.

He looked at some smilingly. He console some who had sorrow, and gave udi and prasad to some. Thus, he satisfied everyone.

"When the front door is open, why go by the backdoor? Where there is a pure heart, there is no difficulty, whatsoever.

"If there is no evil thought in us, should one be afraid of anyone? The eyes may do their work. Then, why should you be embarrassed?"

📕Chapter 49 - Sree Sai Samartha Satcharita

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