Shri Sai Satcharitra -- Chapter 34 Summary

He was Sai Maharaj, the greatest among the yogis and most excellent among the saints, whose mere darshan was enough to drive away all the illness.

"Those who seek refugee in the mosque, will never come to an evil end, even to the end of the world."

"That anyone should come here and not experience relief, is a thing that can never happen, either in the past, present or future. Be sure that your object will be accomplished. "

"When I have been so pure of conduct, why.have I to suffer this painful condition? I have always avoided wicked, sinful deeds. Why then the burden of sin on my head?

Baba, I really cannot bear it now! It is better that I die. Whatever suffering remains to endure, I shall bear it in the next birth.

"Why spread out this suffering over ten births? We can spread it over ten days only by sharing it mutually, and be done with it!

"Oh, that you should ask for the calamity of death when I sit here, powerful enough to give you Moksha, your material as well as spiritual welfare!  Is this all your prowess, your daring?

Endure whatever comes your way. Allah Malik is our Protector. Always meditate on Him, for He alone bears the burden of all the cares and anxieties.

"O  Karim ( Allah)! Have pity on my condition.
For your name is Rahiman ( Compassionate) and Rahim (Merciful)!
You are always the Refuge of your devotees.

📕Chapter 34 - Shri Sai Satcharita.

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