Shri Sai Satcharitra -- Chapter 8 Summary

If the life be spent only in the fourfold activity of eating, and drinking, sleep, copulation, then what is the difference between dogs and humans? Think of yourselves and judge.

This body is the outlet of excreta, dirt, phlegm, pus, saliva. Such are the ill-boding qualities it bears.

This human body is the habitation of worms and insects, is a storehouse of various diseases, is mortal and transient.

It is a cart loaded with flesh, blood and muscle, a frame of skin and bone, a stinking pit of excrement and urine, an encumbering appendage of the soul, indeed!

Yet it is the only instrument of attaining God, the home of all sanctity.

Know, that all actions pertaining to the human body, whether evitable or inevitable, are performed with a conscious determination or plan.

Rare indeed is a man who practises forgiveness, calm, detachment, compassion for all beings, benevolence, self-restraint and humility.

What cannot be learnt by reading a book is easily learnt by observing a person in action. The light that the numerous constellations of stars cannot give is given by the sun alone.

He who could make a wealthy man of a pauper by merely lifting an eyebrow, would however go himself from door to door, a jholi in hand.

📕Chapter - 8 Shri Sai Satcharita.

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