Shri Sai Satcharitra -- Chapter 19 Summary

He always addressed a grown-up lady, whoever she may be, as "Mother" and an elderly gentleman as 'Kaka', 'Bapu' or 'Bhai'. Such was his charming form of address.

This forbearance is the essence of manliness in a man that overcomes sin, suffering and adversity;  averts disaster ingeniously and drives away all fear.

Without forbearance, the plight of a man is pitiful. Be he a learned Pandit or a virtuous man, without it his life is futile.

You look up to me with single-minded devotion. And I will look after you, similarly. My Guru never taught me anything else."

There should be a steadfast faith that Guru alone is the Protector and the Destroyer.

"If this is not possible, then meditate on my manifest Form. Bring to the mind, by day and by night, my figure from head to foot, with all its attributes.

'Sai is not merely yours or ours, he really dwells in all beings. As the sun belongs to the whole world, so also does he."

📕Chapter - 19 Shri Sai Satcharita.

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