Shri Sai Satcharitra -- Chapter 17 Summary

Let your body be the chariot in which you sit calm and steady. Of this chariot (your body), let your intellect be the charioteer. And as for yourself, you sit in this chariot as the Master, with a mind calm and composed.

Then guide the charioteer so as to overcome the various traditional ways of enjoying sensual pleasures, which are difficult to conquer.

Only if the charioteer is skilled and efficient will the horses move vigorously and properly.

Difficulties are removed only by God's grace.

Simple, unquestioning faith alone, succeeds.

He who gives up the desire for the fruit of his actions, and the volition or resolve; who surrenders to the Guru by concentrating his mind on him, will enjoy the full protection of the Sadhguru.

"The temptation of wealth is very difficult to overcome; it is like a dark, deep river-bed of sorrow and suffering, which is full of whirlpools (of avarice) and infested with crocodiles of arrogance and envy, so difficult to battle with. Only he who is free from desire, will survive.

"When anyone asks for anything, the saints first see his spiritual authority and give to each only that which he deserves.

"My treasury is full; I will give to whoever comes and whatever he wants, but first I see the capacity of the taker and give only as much as he can cope with.

"If you listen to this with attention you will achieve your spiritual weal.  Sitting in this sacred mosque, I never speak an untruth."

📕 Chapter - 17 Shri Sai Satcharita.

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