Shri Sai Satcharitra -- Chapter 13 Summary

"If only you will utter "Sai, Sai" all the time, I will with my grace present you even the seven seas (ie. Protect you even beyond the seven seas). Trust these words of mine and you will achieve your welfare, most certainly.

"I do not need either all the elaborate articles of pooja or the sixteen, even eightfold ceremonies or rites of pooja. Where there is boundless faith, I abide there."

Even in the rotation of wheel of Fortune there seems to be a Divine Plan. Hence no one should imagine it to be otherwise and boast vainly.

To all the good actions and bad, it is God who holds the strings.

"I suggest only one remedy. Hold fast to Sai Baba's feet!

"He is the only Compassionate Mother to all, who will come running at our call for help, will pick us up with a mother's affection and will understand her child's need.

Go and catch Sai's feet tightly.

"Whatever anyone asks him for, he always gives it to him. This is his Promise, to which he is bound. Hence I say, hurry up and take Sai's feet tightly!

📕Chapter - 13 Shri Sai Satcharita

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